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Prior to your dog's first check-in, we will require some information regarding his/her personality. This information will stay on file with us and a new form will only have to be filled out if any information has changed. Feel free to print the form (link above) and have it ready prior to your dog's visit to speed up the checking in process, or simply fill out the form below.

Don't hesitate to if you have any questions.

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    Second and third dog profiles (if applicable):







    Please fill out the following section with as much detail as possible:

    Please tell us if your dog(s) has/had any illness,
    injury, allergy or medications that we should know about:

    Are there any sensitive areas on your dog(s) which should not be touched?
    (If yes, please provide details)

    How does/do your dog(s) react to strangers?

    Are there any types of people that your dog(s) automatically dislikes/likes?

    Has/have your dog(s) ever guarded toys, food, kennel, you or any other items?
    (If yes, please explain):

    Has/have your dog(s) ever growled or snapped when someone took food or toys away? (If yes, please explain):

    How often does/do your dog(s) meet other dogs?

    Does/do your dog(s) get along with other dogs?

    Is there a specific breed/size of dog that your dog(s) does/do not get along with?

    Has/have your dog(s) ever bitten another dog or animal?

    Does/do your dog(s) dig?

    Has/have your dog(s) ever jumped or climbed over a fence? If yes, how high?

    Is/are your dog(s) crate trained? If yes, wire or plastic?

    Does/do your dog(s) show any destructive behaviours when you aren't home?

    Is/are your dog(s) anxious/fearful of noises?

    Is/are your dog(s) anxious/fearful of anything else?

    Has/have your dog(s) had any obedience training?

    What commands does/do your dog(s) know?

    Do you walk your dog(s) often?

    Is/are your dog(s) aggressive on leash?

    Does/do your dog(s) mind when you touch his/her/their collar(s)?

    Has/have your dog(s) ever bit a human? If yes, what were the circumstances?

    Is there any other information that you feel is neccessary for us to provide a safe and stress free experience for your dog(s) at The Furmont?