We currently have 19 suites available for overnight boarding or day visits.

Small suites | approx. 3' x 4'
Medium suites | 3' x 6'
Large suites | 4' x 6'
Oversize suite | 6' x 6'

Our facility is designed with comfort and cleanliness in mind.

Our spacious suites - each furnished with a - provide a comfortable and safe space for our guests to rest. Regulated temperature, adequate air flow and comforting music ensure that your dog will feel right at home.

Each guest will enjoy multiple potty breaks and play time throughout the day in our indoor and outdoor play areas. Social dogs will have an opportunity to play with other dogs in a supervised setting, while dogs that prefer not to socialize with other guests will be provided with one on one playtime with staff.


Puppies need a regular routine in order to learn and adjust to their new home! We know that it is sometimes difficult to adjust your schedule to meet the needs of your new furry friend. That's where we come in! Our scheduled puppy visits will ensure your puppy has a potty break, while also giving them the exercise and socialization they thrive on. We will also help out with basic training, clean any accidents they may have had and do any feeding needed.


Cats usually feel most secure at home, in their own environment. While you are away, we will make scheduled visits to your home to provide your cat with the companionship and care they need. Our cat loving staff will ensure your cat is well cared for by replenishing food and water, adminstering medication and cleaning sleeping and litter box areas. We are happy to customize this service to your cats individual needs.

Please for more information regarding both of these services.


Grooming services available. Please to book an appointment.


Dog training and puppy classes at The Furmont are provided by . Please for more information.